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9 signs your bed is your one true love

Why fall in love, when you can fall asleep.

NEW STATS TODAY show that Irish people sleep more than most other countries in the world.

But do you love your bed, or are you IN love with your bed? You might be, if…

1. Leaving your bed in the morning is often the hardest part of your day

Just give us five more minutes together, world!


2. You begin thinking about returning to the sweet embrace of your bed sheets before you’ve even left the house

3. You strongly suspect your alarm clock is out to split you up

Back OFF you screeching monster.

i-have-the-perfect-relationship-with-my-bed-but-my-alarm-clock-does-not-want-us-to-be-together-that-jealous-beach-ea5d3 Source: Someecards

4. You’re thankful for the supportive friend that is coffee

Always there to get you through the tough times.


5. Getting into bed after a long hard day is as comforting as a hug from a thousand angels

No exaggeration.


6. Every yawn reminds you of bed

Sweet, sweet, bed.

13 Source: Photobucket

7. Now that you think of it, bed is actually perfect

enhanced-buzz-13297-1376068221-45 Source: irresolute-and-undetermined

8. You never get a good sleep in a different bed

Hey, when they’re the one, you just know.


9. Getting into bed with a movie seems like the legitimate better option than going out on a Friday

Hey, it’s been a long day, there’s always tomorrow, after you spend some quality time with bed in the morning.

O8tfh Source: Imgur

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