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99 Problems

10 ways to take ice cream to the next level this summer

When a 99 just isn’t enough.

SUMMER IS FINALLY, kind of, here and that means there is no better time to have an ice cream.

Sure, everyone loves the standard 99 – but sometimes you want to take ice cream up a few notches:

1. DIY ice cream sandwiches

e4ad935223df693a34fd3ac64a8a519c_650x Distractify Distractify

Simple to do and with your own choice of biscuit. Perfect. Just use this cut-out technique above and everything about ice cream just got better.

2. Ice cream sundae brownie bowls

Ice Cream Sundae Brownie Bowls ThatGirlSloane ThatGirlSloane

What’s better than being able to eat the bowl right after the ice cream? Nothing. The recipe for ice cream sundae brownie bowls is very simple as well.

3. Snickers peanut butter brownie ice cream cake

brownie myhoneysplace myhoneysplace

The recipe calls for quite a bit of effort to pull this one off, but the result is worth it. It pretty much has everything you’ve ever wanted in one cake.

4. Doughnut ice cream sandwiches

doughnuticecream themerrythought themerrythought

Combining two of your favourite things in one snack can end badly, but when it’s doughnuts and ice cream it’s going to be great. You can get complex enough with the recipe but this can also be enjoyed in its simplest form.

5. Create your own Oreo topping

oreotopping Pinterest Pinterest

If you have a spare grinder around the kitchen, it could be put to deliciously good use.

6. Strawberry ice cream float

strawberryicecream allshecooks allshecooks

The recipe calls for strawberry jam, strawberries, a touch of heavy cream, strawberry ice cream, and a lemon and lime soft drink to make this delicious looking float a reality.

7. Rocky road sundae pie

i.1.mLfddLzFjATnWbPPjyddQmJC7Fb0HRZmDZMEEdUDVos. Justapinchassets Justapinchassets

Another recipe for the more committed ice cream adventurer out there, this combines the classic Rocky Road treat with ice cream. Win win.

8. Peanut butter ice cream pops

peanutbutter ohnuts ohnuts

Each layer better than the last.

9. Apple pie ice cream bowls

apleice itsyummi itsyummi

Again, combining two old favourites into one delicious dessert. The pie is all from scratch, too, giving you extra kudos when you present these.

10. Nutella crunch ice cream cake


Nutella, rice krispies and ice cream. Simple, delicious. A Family Feast lays out a recipe on how to get it done.

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