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10 times Idris Elba out-suaved the entire room

Don’t question the coolness.

IT’S ALL ANYONE can talk about today.

The latest James Bond author said that British actor Idris Elba wasn’t suave enough to be James Bond. But that’s not exactly true:

1. The winning smile and suit combo seems positively Bond-esque

mandela Source: Tumblr

2. This important fact

3. He can sip a drink with the best of them

idrisdrink Source: Tumblr

Surely one of the top priorities when casting a new Bond. Just LOOK at him there.

4. He knows his way around a suit

esquire Source: Tumblr/Esquire

5. He does cold detachment on screen as well as anyone

Pacific Rim6gif Source: BlogSpot

6. His clothes are always on point

The Gunman UK Premiere - London

Not afraid to take things up a sartorial notch, either.

7. When he was in The Office, he knew what was up

idris Source: Tumblr

^and the whole world, Idris.

8. And just look how suave he is when you put the 007 logo over him

loho Source: Tumblr

Yeah, suave enough to be Bond.

9. In fact, he’s one of the only people who will look cool in anything

idris4 Source: Thestar

10. There is simply no debate

45th NAACP Image Awards - Show Source: AP/Press Association Images

So suave. So Bond.

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