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18 things that would happen if Clueless was set in Ireland

“Ugh! I will yeah.”

clueless3 Deviantart / Rick Munish Deviantart / Rick Munish / Rick Munish

1. Cher and her dad would live on the Vico Road in Killiney

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No way would Cher and Dionne go to a mixed school though – they’d attend Loreto College Foxrock, and meet up with the lads from Blackrock College after school.

2. Cher’s catchphrase would be “I will yeah”

asif Wordpress Wordpress

3. And this is what she would actually wear to school

495_1 Lynchschooluniforms Lynchschooluniforms

Yellow plaid mini skirts? The nuns would have a fit!

4. Tai, the new girl in town, would have made the big move to Dublin from Cork

taiclue YouTube YouTube

She’d show up on the first day wearing O’Neills trackie bottoms and a massive school bag with the straps pulled tight.

5. The girls would actually be doing some fairly gruelling PE when she arrived at the school

821312_1314923424600_full Fanpop Fanpop

Brutally tripping each other up with hockey sticks, etc.

6. Josh would study Law in Trinity, but come to Vico Road at the weekends to raid the fridge and boast about his Phil Soc debates

Cher-Josh-in-Clueless-movie-couples-20203056-1280-720 Fanpop Fanpop

His main topics? The environment, obviously, but also the divorce referendum, Bill Clinton’s Irish visit, and Gerry Adams.

7. And his favourite bands would be The Frames and Whipping Boy

cluelessmusic Pinterest Pinterest

8. Travis would be the son of a farmer and regularly talk about livestock, much to Cher and Dionne’s dismay

tumblr_inline_nrl0ll7Wqq1sht6ok_1280 Tumblr Tumblr

Tai still thinks he’s really cute, however.

9. Cher would have practised her driving not on the road, but in an empty car park

fed20360385c8dd9863dc1ca0b802ee0 Pinterest Pinterest

10. Tai’s makeover would have consisted of a choker, Rimmel’s Heather Shimmer lipstick, and some Sun-In

tai Wordpress Wordpress

The HEIGHT of gorgeousness back then.

11. The party in the Valley would have been held in someone’s house when their parents were on holidays

partyscene YouTube YouTube

The girls would have been offered warm cans of Dutch Gold by Travis.

12. Elton and Tai’s ‘song’ would have been Boom Boom Boom by the Outhere Brothers

54033335b61918f426cb634372783923 Pinterest Pinterest

And he would have asked her to sing the “Way-oh!” part to make sure she wasn’t concussed.

13. Josh and Cher would overhear Tai singing along to the Pat the Baker ad on the telly, instead of the Mentos one

bd5e3eb497727bf754193f903da3ea51 Giphy Giphy

“Who wakes up the morning, for a fresher kind of day…”

14. Cher would not have gone out in that

f0cf95bbc4dbfd83da5cf8826c05f24b Pinterest Pinterest

There is no way an Irish dad would have let her out of the house without a fleece of some description. It would have been discarded before they got to the party, however…

15. Which was held not in a cool-looking bar, but the local rugby club

cluelessbar YouTube YouTube

Someone’s parents would have hired it out for a 16th birthday party.

16. A vengeful Tai would have simply told Cher: “You’re a frigid.”

52d4f6cf48159435425fefc735467042 Pinterest Pinterest

17. Cher would organise a sponsored walk for Trócaire to change her selfish ways (and impress Josh)

pismobeach BlogSpot BlogSpot

18. And the pair would probably have their dates in Eddie Rockets

clueless-boys-at-the-wedding Fashionfollower Fashionfollower

Clueless Popsugar Popsugar

Never mind two teachers’ fancy wedding.

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