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19 things that would happen if Friends was set in Dublin

“When the rain starts to pour.”


1. Chandler would work in the IFSC, and the WENUS would be called the MICKEY

20110810025858chandlersmoking Wordpress Wordpress

2. Ross would find out that Rachel likes him via a 3am text when she was leaving Whelan’s

7friends_207_ross_finds_out Ignimgs Ignimgs

He’d realise when he woke up the next day to a Whatsapp that basically says “I’m over you.”

And he’d write back “when were you… under me?” with a few emoticons to break the tension.

3. Joey’s catchphrase would be “Howaya”

635705054140088792416730080_wink Theodysseyonline Theodysseyonline

4. Chandler’s mam would have appeared in a mortifying interview on The Saturday Night Show with Brendan O’Connor

TOWMrsBing Nocookie Nocookie

5. The gang would go kick a ball around Phoenix Park on Stephen’s Day because Thanksgiving doesn’t exist here

ustv-friends-football Cdnds Cdnds

They’d also be hanging. And possibly wearing old GAA jerseys.

6. Phoebe would be convinced her grandmother had the best recipe for sausage rolls, but it would turn out they were from Centra all along


7. Ross would lecture in UCD, and put on an awful American accent to impress his students

maxresdefault Ytimg Ytimg

Eventually he’d get prank calls from the Fake Accent University, based in Dublin.

8. Rachel would work in Brown Thomas, and people would say to her at parties “my mam calls it BTs”

tumblr_inline_nihlshMczy1s0uec6 Tumblr Tumblr

9. Joey would have to learn Gaeilge for a TG4 production and not be able to get his head around it

Photo by Doug Calderon PhotoBucket PhotoBucket

10. He would also have been the star of Fair City in the ’90s, but an ill-fated interview with the RTÉ Guide saw him written out

hqdefault Ytimg Ytimg

The writers had him run down by a Spar delivery van in Carrigstown. His evil twin would later return.

11. Joey and Chandler would lose Ben on a Dublin Bus, but he’d turn up safe and sound in the Rotunda

jandc hindustan hindustan

12. Monica would work in Eddie Rocket’s and some guy from Google Ireland would leave her a €100 tip

friends-s2-ep21 Wordpress Wordpress

13. Ross would have fallen asleep on a Bus Eireann up to Dundalk and met a girl he thinks is beautiful, smart and funny

4x10 Nocookie Nocookie

He’d have a conundrum because there was a not smart, not funny and somewhat racist girl living in Ranelagh. She lives so close. 

14. Rachel and Monica would sit around watching their embarrassing Debs video

Chip Matthews would be captain of the GAA team and eventually show up to take Rachel to the Debs bus.

fanpop-com Wordpress Wordpress

And at the end, Ross and Rachel shift while Phoebe wails: “See, she’s his mot!”

15. Phoebe’s friends would own a beach house in Bundoran, and the whole weekend would just turn into a massive session


With no strip poker involved due to the intense cold and rain.

16. Monica would do karaoke on Capel Street and channel Linda Martin

hqdefault Ytimg Ytimg

17. Joey would be a Roman soldier at Dr Quirkey’s on O’Connell Street

a450b880d1e3c8ba6a84f7f805d2407b BlogSpot BlogSpot

He’d claim he was shooting a bizarre sequel to Michael Collins when he eventually got rumbled.

18. The Barbados trip would have been a grim package holiday to the Algarve

5B9xbhr Imgur Imgur

19. And finally… Chandler wouldn’t celebrate St Patrick’s Day because he lost the tip of his toe in a freak float accident in the 1987 parade

stripoke Youtube Youtube

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