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A prankster went around IKEA sticking up fake reviews and they were perfect
If you came across these, you would probably applaud.

WALKING AROUND IKEA and gazing on at some of the more ludicrous products is a fine tradition – and most people just let them slide by with a sarcastic comment.

But Jeff Wysaski of the Obvious Plant blog went one better – he printed out his own fake customer reviews and put them up in his local IKEA.

And they are cutting

review1 Imgur Imgur

Sticking the “in-store reviews” on actual products under aliases, they probably confused some normal IKEA shoppers

review2 Imgur Imgur

They got philosophical too

review3 Imgur Imgur

They made their way to Imgur just five hours ago and they’ve already been viewed nearly one million times.

The reviews were personal

review4 Imgur Imgur

And delightfully fake

review6 Imgur Imgur

Still, they look legit enough to be considered real by other shoppers

review7 Imgur Imgur

Such is the attention to detail that Jeff always puts in to his work.

In-store reviews need to be a real thing now

review8 Imgur Imgur

Wonderful dedication to the gag.

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