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7 creative ways to involve your kids around the house

Looking for clever ways to get your kids helping out? Look no further.

IN A FAMILY, everyone pitches in and helps out together.

Be it putting away the toys, cooking or setting the table, everything in a busy home is a team thing. And that’s before you even get to the fun stuff!

However, some family members need a little bit more motivation than others. (And as we all know, it’s not always just the kids!)

1. Little green fingers

Birdhouses, window-boxes, ponds and hanging baskets are all fun ways of bring the family together in the back garden.

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2. Game on

Cleaning up together can be fun if it’s made into a game – such as each person picks up as many blue things as possible from the floor, next red, next orange, etc until all the toys are put away. The little fun element to the tidying up will keep kids interested.

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3. Ready, steady, cook

For children, having their own baking sets can make all the difference. Not only will the smaller size make it easier for them to pitch in alongside you, but it’ll make idea of baking more fun for them. Although a promise to be let lick the bowl might do that all by itself…

Try to ensure you have plenty of  safety steps around the house, so that children can easily reach taps and work surfaces.

Source: IKEA

4. Food art

It might be easy to get kids to come together to bake fairy buns, but what about when it comes to dinnertime? We all know how difficult it can be to get children to eat good, nutritious food – but getting them involved in the kitchen is one easy way.

Salads can be a no man’s land for many kids – but what if they were called “food art” instead of salads? Picking colourful fruit and vegetables, and arranging them together in fun designs and patterns makes eventually eating it up child’s play.

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5. Countdown

Make things a game of “beat the clock” by setting a timer. Not only will it stop children dilly-dallying, but the more competitive kids out there will love the idea of it being a “race” they can beat you at. Nothing brings the family together like a good game.

Source: IKEA

6. Incentive boards

If you have a bigger family, making a score-board can inspire them to be the “best” – and also get treats at the end.

For everything done around the house, each child gets one gold star. By the end of every week, whoever has the most stars gets a treat. A rewards system can really motivate kids. In fact, you’ll never see them working together faster!

Source: largefamiliesonpurpose.com

7. Musical motivator

If your children are big fans of music, why not incorporate that into your daily routine? Dance together around the house and play their favourite CD – it’s a great way to get the whole family moving more.

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Nowhere lets you be more creative with your home decoration and furniture than IKEA – making your house the place where the whole family comes together.

How do you bring your family together at home? Share your tips and tricks in the comments – we’re sure all the other parents out there will appreciate it...

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