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11 things only people who have been to IKEA Hell will understand

It’s real.

1. You’re welcomed to IKEA Hell the moment you see all the car parks near the door are completely full

Ikea - Dublin Yeah, good luck. Source: infomatique

You know, at that moment, it’s going to be one of those IKEA trips.

2. Even though you know exactly what you want, you’ll still walk around the full showroom

tumblr_mba0hoDiHF1rdvztso1_500 Source: Tumblr

“We’ll just have a look.”

3. Which means you will inevitably end up buying 64% more things than originally planned

ikea-list-01 Means nothing. Source: Brainsideout

On the way: “We’re only getting things on this list.”

Inside: “Ah, sure.”

4. The showroom misleadingly offers you a glimpse of what your life could be like if you had unlimited wealth and could spend every day in IKEA

shutterstock_161161673 Source: Netdna-ssl

5. Trying to skip through to the market hall where you actually pick up things is a futile exercise, and you’re kidding yourself if you think it will happen

anigif_original-9576-1455898664-9 Source: Buzzfeed


6. IKEA Hell is the place that a pre-agreed budget goes to die

pll-hanna-upset Source: Gurl

“I thought we were only going to spend €100.”

“But these bowls that we don’t need are only €2 each.”

7. You soon realise that IKEA is specially-designed to make couples, friends and families have petty arguments for hours on end

tumblr_mbx5mcfpJo1rgb4bxo1_500 Source: Tumblr

“We really should have got those spoons.”

And then, based on said argument:

8. You have to go back to get something and fight against the tide of shoppers moving in the correct way

sfsfhj85ytrvm9me1qlo Source: Kinja-img

9. It’s only when you’re coming to the end of the actual shopping that you realise how much unnecessary sh*t you’ve piled into the trolley

Photo by Jennica Komenda

But given each item costs €1, you leave it be.

10. Which means that you get to your car with more things than could possibly fit – and putting them in is like a novelty game of car Tetris

ikea-car-630x472-e1428479864565 You stopped by for the meatballs ffs. Source: Airtasker

11. So your journey home is the most uncomfortable one of all time – most likely with a pre-packed table sticking into you throughout

about-to-open Source: Wordpress

Thanks, IKEA.

You’ve ruined our lives with your quality products and insane value. We hope you’re happy.

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