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12 reasons your indecisive friends are the absolute WORST

Or are they?

1. Making plans with them is a pain

2. Deciding what to do once they agree to come out is impossible

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3. They take FOREVER to order in restaurants

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4. And when it comes to watching a film, you always have to pick because you’ll never watch anything otherwise

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5. Don’t even bother trying to go to the cinema

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6. Going out shopping = PURE TORTURE

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7. In fact, any activity involving a greater range of choices and/or options must be avoided

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8. It’s up to you to make all their big life decisions

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9. And figure out what they should do about their relationships

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10. Of course, when you give them advice they can’t actually decide what to do with it

11. And if they do make a decision, they’ll spend more time trying to decide if it was the right one or not

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12. Before brushing the whole thing off with one incredibly obvious statement

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