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# you're my number one
9 songs that were scandalously robbed of the No1 spot
And the tracks that stood in their way.
# cracked
8 ways you can include Creme Eggs in your dinner
We feel a chocolate induced coma coming on.
# why me
10 frustrating things that ONLY happen when you're in a hurry
You wouldn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
# that bastard
Jack Gleeson's reaction to Game of Thrones Purple Wedding is outstanding
Spoilers. Clearly.
Joe Biden took his first selfie with Barack Obama
The lads were having the craic in the car.
# wheelie awkward
Lad kicked out of Galway club picks epic fight with wheelie bin... and loses
Bin there, done that.
18 things everyone remembers about Irish primary school tours
Sweets for breakfast, lunch AND dinner.
This girl's boyfriend Pros and Cons list is straight out of your teenage diary
So many lads, so little time.
# Winterfell is coming
There's a Game of Thrones tour starting in Dublin over the Easter Bank Holiday
Bank Holiday Monday sorted.
# whole lotta history
An Irish YouTuber created a clever brief history of conflicts in The North
You’ll never feel like an eejit again.
# irish weddings
15 people you'll always meet at an Irish wedding
There’s always one.
# jobfairy
There's a very special job opening at this Dublin antique shop
Jobfairy, at your service.
# marry me
Did you spot the marriage proposal on Republic of Telly last night?
Yer wan was only ‘scarleh’.
# the ride
The ridiculous ritual every Irish couple has to go through to get 'The Ride'
Nothin’ like The Nerney to get ya herny.
# Hot Chick
KFC is selling a fried chicken corsage for your debs date
It’ll come in handy if the food is woeful.
12 naughty little things even the nicest people do
Don’t deny it. You’re SO guilty.
# cop on
Surrey Roads Police's tweets give Garda Traffic a run for their money
The Irish lads aren’t the only ones making the most of Twitter.
# because I'm catty
Grumpy Cat wore Pharrell's hat to the MTV Movie Awards
The fabulous feline stole the show.
# Work is coming
Best boss ever gives staff Monday mornings off to watch Game of Thrones
# everybody dance now
An Irish dancing flashmob took over Shannon Airport
Ballaí Luimní with the baggage handlers, anyone?
17 essential elements The Late Late Show wouldn't be the same without
Your Friday night starts right here.
# coffee snobs
Hipsters Love Coffee perfectly captures the snobs you meet in a cafe
How do you take yours?
# Watch this space
The internet can't get over this pub's rude 'open for business' sign
False advertising at its finest.
# bite me
Women Who Eat On Tubes founder says Facebook page is 'an art project'
Tony Burke says it’s part of an observational study.
# goosepimples
American choir girls sing haunting version of The Parting Glass in Derry bar
You could hear a pint drop.
# inspired by cadbury
Crafty nine-year-old steals family car to avoid having to go to school
Officers said the child couldn’t actually see beyond the wheel.
# me hoop
This hoop juggler's magical moves are hypnotic
What is this sorcery?
# Checking In
12 things everyone does when they get to a hotel room
We’ve ALL been there. Figuratively.
# slam dunk the funk
Father and son pull off epic Jumbotron dance display
This pair really know how to bust a move.
# Dobbo Selfie
Bryan Dobson took a selfie with a fan on the State visit
The Six One anchor was spotted in Windsor.
# garthmania
Stena Line is running a special Garth Brooks Cruise
Garth has friends on the high seas too.
# clean sweep
Beer keg curling is Ireland's oddest new sport
It’s just as loud as its predecessor too.
# Click Here
Rather unfortunate real estate ad appears in New Zealand newspaper
You’d be safe as houses with this lot.
# inspired by cadbury
Fearless pet parrot saves owner from attacker during daily walk in park
The crime-fighting bird was unflappable.
Extravagant 'save the date' wedding video puts Kim and Kanye to shame
Here comes the bride. And a helicopter.
# home neat home
12 household horrors your inner neat freak just can't cope with
How clean is YOUR house, eh?
# something's a foot
Someone from Wexford is selling a foot on DoneDeal
The vintage 1970s model is an absolute bargain.
# adorabubble
Baby boy has mind-blowing first visit to the car wash
He has NO idea what’s happening.
# Toasty
Fire Brigade issues painfully obvious warning about cheese on toast
Careful now. You might end up brown bread.
# KITT and Kaboodle
David Hasselhoff is selling his Knight Rider KITT car
His beloved 80s TV companion could be yours, for a price.