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13 signs the Scottish #indyref hysteria has reached a ridiculous level

Can’t we all just have a sensible discussion?

THE REFERENDUM ON Scottish independence will finally take place tomorrow, after months of heated debate.

Frankly, some people have been getting a little overworked.

1. A chicken nugget is now being taken seriously as a political omen

2. Also, a cloud.

Source: Mail Online

3. And ordinary people are beginning to be influenced by these things

4. The international press, meanwhile, are looking on in bafflement

Source: bigstory.ap.org

5. While on Google, the Scotland referendum is bigger than the Teen Choice Awards…

… which means Alex Salmond is more popular on the internet than Ariana Grande.

Source: PA

6. The referendum has produced works of genius

Source: dat bastille stormer kid/YouTube

7. But also, cruel international sanctions

Source: Scotsman

Source: Scotsman

8. Newspaper headlines are going completely bananas

9. Like, ‘Scotland causes cancer’ bananas

10. No comment.

11. All in all, this is basically the level of the media debate

Or this.

12. Even the abusive graffiti has become illegibly crazed

13. In fact, we’re starting to doubt our own minds.

Source: @JimboLoony via Twitter

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