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This guy just solved all of your microwave temperature problems

Bow down.

MARK ROBER MAY just be the modern genius we’ve been waiting for.

Using a microwave is a pain, let’s be honest. Every one seems to have a different cooking time, about a million buttons you never use, and it’s a constant stop-start of cold middles and burning exteriors.

Rober’s new patented invention hopes to change all of that. He’s made an infrared lens that you can attached to your microwave so you can see the heat map of the delicious insta-meal as it cooks. It goes from blue to red to white, the hotter it gets.

Is it done? I don’t know, just CHECK OUT THE HEAT MAP. He even has plans to make an app so you can do it all via your mobile.


Yes, someone’s finally done it, made the laziest method of cooking even lazier. Help him get it funded by signing this petition, right now it’s just a pipe dream.

Check out the full demo, and have some sweet dreams tonight.

Source: Mark Rober/YouTube

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