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The 14 most infuriating things your other half can do at home

In order of seriousness.

IN REVERSE ORDER according to the seriousness of the offence:

14. Digging craters into the butter

Source: mrdorkesq

A controversial one. Some would argue that this is the natural method of butter extraction; others maintain that a smooth surface is essential.

13. Wet towel on the bed

Source: red11group

For some, it’s an unforgivable offence. For others, it’s a natural part of the post-shower routine. THIS IS WHY WE FIGHT. *sobs*

12. Putting used teabags in the sink

Source: TheJournal.ie

A relatively minor offence if committed singly. But on an ongoing basis? That’s a mandatory minimum sentence of passive-aggressive remarks followed by raised voices.

11. Leaving all the lights on in case anyone needs to see the house while you’re out

Source: Gonmi

10. Mysteriously strewing bobby pins about the place, for you to tread on barefoot

Source: Imgur

What is it with these things? It’s like they crawl into the floorboards to breed.

9. Balancing things precariously on top of the bin when it’s full, instead of taking it out

Source: Imgur

Or almost worse: taking it out, and then not putting a new bag in. Which naturally you only notice after emptying your dinner leftovers into the canister.

8. Replacing empty milk cartons in the fridge

Source: DailyEdge.ie

Or worse, ALMOST empty. With not even enough for a cup of tea in them, but left because the other person is too lazy to rinse them out and put them in the recycling. Heinous.

7. This.

Source: ♔ Georgie R

6. This.

Source: Shutterstock

And the red mist descends.

5. Nail clippings in unexpected places for you to discover

Source: bradleygee

Are we living in some kind of post-apocalyptic dystopia? No, we aren’t. So HOW HARD is it to put nail clippings in the bin?

4. Sharp intake of breath while in the passenger seat

yeesh-1 Source: PhotoBucket

OK, not strictly in the home, but still very much a domestic crime. Often followed by total denial, which only makes it all the more infuriating.

3. Peeing on the seat

Source: VH-EBM

Admittedly a men-only crime, unless you are a lady who is VERY unsteady on the bog. Borderline unforgivable.

2. Waiting until you start doing a long-delayed chore, then saying ‘Oh, I was going to do that’

Source: serenejournal


1. Starting a box set with you, and then watching more episodes on their own

Source: vialbost

Leave this person immediately. They’re not worth it.

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