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This mesmerising video of Instagram clichés shows how every hashtag is basically the same

Still looks gooood though.

IT’S SOMETIMES HARD to differentiate your own Instagram shots from the millions of others.

And a music video by Hiérophante conducted a little experiment to show everyone that this is 100% true. They took a hashtag and ran through hundreds of photos to show that they’re basically all the same:


selfie2 YouTube YouTube


elevator YouTube YouTube


bathtime YouTube YouTube


pisa YouTube YouTube


salad YouTube YouTube

When they were done with things, they moved on to famous people’s Instas. And it’s hard to tell the difference between one shot and the next.

Like Biebs here

biebs YouTube YouTube

So much cliché, and plenty of filters too.

Whether or not this is representative of the diversity of Instagram is up for debate – but it’s a great tune:

Hiérophante / YouTube

hat tip Metro

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