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9 things 'fitstagrammers' do that no one does in real life
Let the madness end

FITNESS INSTAGRAMMERS, OR ‘fitstagrammers’ are the new beauty gurus when it comes to online popularity.

Seriously. People are obsessed.

Admittedly though, a lot of their goings-on on social media can be unsettlingly removed from reality.

Are fitstagrammers real people? Are they simply super buff bots? Figments of our imaginations? These actions would support all of the above theories.

1. Try to pass off tortilla wraps as pizza

Call Dominos and explain to them the grievous error you’ve just made.

Yes, it might be delicious. But it’s not pizza. It’s an unfolded cheesy wrap with ham on it. Do not give in to your own delusions.

2. … Or cauliflower as rice

It’s just blitzed veg. Not a carbohydrate in sight.

Besides, I know what one I’d rather have in a 3-in-1. Keep dreamin’.

3. … Or coconut water ice-pops

What’s wrong with a humble 99, eh? Calcium and all in it.

4. Those partner workouts

It’s a struggle to work out alone as it is, you want me to be lifting people up and swinging them around too?

Get the boat.

5. Handstands everywhere

Seriously. There’s no such place as an inappropriate place to do a handstand.

Would you watch that one of ye doesn’t fall over lads?!

6. Putting avocado or peanut butter in everything they eat

7. Using their baby/dog as a weight during workouts

Just take them for a walk like a normal person! They don’t know what gainz are!!!

8. Eat protein balls

Surely nobody eats these willingly? Or as a snack? Actually like?

Honestly, the effort of it all.

9. Go the gym everyday

Or at least train every day.

“No excuses?” “Train insane or remain the same?” Sure, but I’d also like a rest, thanks.

Ridiculous? Yes. Will we still continue to obsessively follow them? Again, yes.

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