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11 pranks that backfired spectacularly

Mild ouchies within.

HAVE A DOSE of instant karma.


W9eTCE8 Source: Imgur

2. Remember to check the logistics of your prank so you don’t faceplant

X5lJzDK Source: Imgur

3. Expect the unexpected

bG0qaDq Source: Imgur

Well, wearing a white sheet over your head is just a recipe for disaster.

4. Don’t be a dick, bad things will happen

rrXI9oa Source: Imgur

5. We warned you

pOb8OjJ Source: Imgur

6. Messing with men with metal sticks is also frowned upon

oowWsbB Source: Imgur

7. Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want to happen to you, like instantly

8KUImwt Source: Imgur

8. Be prepared, or prepare to fail


9. Make sure your prank is actually funny and not pointless and moronic

HlGIzFM Source: Imgur

10. DON’T mess with a sunbathing woman

xT1Mi4O Source: Imgur

11. And finally, prepare to follow through with whatever may come your way

karma-strikes-back Source: Ohmagif

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