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6 pieces of indisputable proof that you can't believe everything you read on the internet

Not everyone on the internet is out to help you.

DON’T LISTEN TO anyone. Especially on Facebook.

Sure, some hoaxes are pretty offensive. But these ones? Disastrous.

1. Always think Life Pro Tips through

This handy tip popped up online.


Sounds good right? Logical.



This is what you’ll get.

spoonmicrowave MicrowaveMeNow MicrowaveMeNow

2. You can’t mine Bitcoins on your mac

Can you generate Bitcoins with your Mac?

No, obviously not.

This image went viral last year that told us otherwise.


That command? It wipes everything on your hard drive.

NO BITCOINS FOR YOU. Of course it was the work of 4chan, with some geniuses falling for it.

applebitcoinhoax2 Daily Dot Daily Dot

3. Your iPhone wasn’t waterproof

Remember the hoax that the new software upgrade in IOS 7 allowed iPhone users to use their phones in water? Some people believed it.



Turns out, it was all a joke conceived on notorious message board 4chan. That didn’t stop people grabbing the rice bags and firing up the hotpresses though.



4. You can’t charge it in the microwave either

Does it sound too good to be true? This tip, for example.


It is.


This happens.


dOvetastic / YouTube

5. No, seriously. You can’t use your iPad as a weighing scales

We can hear it. We can hear the cracking as they shift their weight on to that one, iPad-supported foot.

in the genius bar…lady tried to use a scale app on her ipad.

jMGVMA6 Imgur Imgur

1HUIDxP Imgur Imgur

6. Just buy an XBOX One? Here’s how to unlock it to play XBox 360 games

Just follow these instructions to get all that gaming goodness.

JbCoqa6 Imgur Imgur

Oh wait, you can’t.

These instructions will cause an XBox One to go into an infinite reboot loop so now you’re essentially left with a brick.

brick Daily Dot Daily Dot


Little girl kicked out of KFC over scars was a hoax, investigators claim>

A Facebook page duped almost a million people with a Ryan Gosling adoption hoax>

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