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6 things you never knew about tornadoes

How much do you know about one of nature’s most terrifying phenomenons?

FORGET THE GHOSTS you’ve seen in scary movies.

The most terrifying things in life are scary because they can really happen – like tornadoes.

Yep, the most frightening thing about tornadoes – defined as a violently rotating columns of air in contact with both the earth and a cloud – is that they can and do wreak havoc in real life.

1. They can reach up to 300 miles per hour

Source: Wikimedia Commons

2. Tornadoes that form in dry environments can be nearly invisible

Source: Mark 'Storm' Farnik

3. Tornadoes have been known to cross major rivers, climb mountains and affect valleys

Source: AP/Press Association Images

4. 59,036 tornadoes touched down in American between 1950 and 2013

Source: Anthony Quintano

5. America has more tornadoes that any other country in the world

Source: AP/Press Association Images

6. Scientists do not fully understand how tornadoes form

Which means they can strike without warning.

Source: AP/Press Association Images

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