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31 thoughts Irish people have when autumn starts to creep in

Ugh path juice.

THE SEASONS ARE a’changing.

Some people love autumn, some people hate it. Here’s why we should all get excited, or at least be relief.

1. I kinda enjoyed complaining about the heat.

2. Now I have to genuinely complain about the cold.

3. Is it too soon to put the heating on?

Copy of CD_CASE From Left Source: Uni-therm

4. It’s FREEZING but it seems a little too soon.

5. Heavy jacket or no heavy jacket?

6. I really should’ve worn a heavier jacket.

7. When was it EVER cold enough for me to wear this amount of Aran jumpers?

8. This shop smells like a giant pumpkin puked all over it

Pumpkin-Scented 3-Wick Candle Source: slgckgc

9. Well, funny how I never see the light of day anymore.

10. Why can’t children just stay off school forever?

11. Remember what it was like to feel warm?

12. Party season is so much EFFORT.

13. But I still can’t remember what it was like to go out on a Friday night instead of staying in complaining about the Late Late.

PastedImage-47768 Source: RTE

14. Getting out of bed is hell.

15. The shower is the only place I now feel safe.

16. What did they actually put in the shops before the Christmas stuff took over?

17. You’d be sick of Christmas by the time it comes.

18. Oh my God, it seems like yesterday since it was Christmas.

19. What even is pavement juice made of?

PastedImage-23437 Source: flextiles.wordpress

20. Probably mushy leaves, dew, and the tears of the Irish people.

21. The condensation on this bus is practically everyone else’s saliva.

22. I’m definitely getting sick because that lad down the back of the bus sounds like he’s trying to get up a lung.

Condensation inside the air-conditioned bus Source: yuhui

23. My home belongs to the mice and spiders now.

24. Was I this pale yesterday?

25. Goodbye summer clothes, banished into the hotpress for another year.

26. What are you doing for Halloween?

27. What am I doing for Halloween?

28. Is that the first Christmas song of the season so?

29. Oh God, where is the time going?


30. Jesus look at the gas bill.


31. Is it too soon to watch Hocus Pocus?


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