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13 things Ireland definitely does better than America


1. Our TV presenters don’t have to worry about their slick appearance to get the job done

tvshow Source: RTE/Wikipedia

We only care about the substance, not the style:

2. And, it may be controversial, but our rashers are just better than American bacon

aaab2 Source: Flickr, sprogz, dinnerseries

3. We obviously do tea better

“American tea is shite.”


4. And we can all be thankful that we have sausage rolls here instead of corn dogs

adog Source: Imgur/Real Mom Kitchen

Aesthetically alone, we’re winning.

5. We can safely say our “news” in Ireland is superior

*superior/not intentionally fear-inducing.

6. And our weather forecasts are also less threatening

Thanks mostly to our delightfully benign weather.

Thank you,  North Atlantic Drift!

7. Chipper chips are far superior than anything ever labelled “fries” across the Atlantic

8. We don’t have anything as mortifying as a promposal

9. In fact, it’s hard to beat the homespun charm of the Debs

naggin Source: imgur

10. Our crime stories are often as entertaining as they are informative

Source: Spotted: Louth via Dundalk Argus

11. Our postal service will deliver anything

themapwexford Source: meversusanpost Tumblr

12. We do brutally honest sales slogans better too

Which contrasts wonderfully with the Black Friday chaos:

Source: RSVLTS/YouTube

13. And finally, perhaps most importantly, any type of Irish chocolate laughs in the face of its American counterpart

aa11 Source: Flickr, Brett Jordan, mhiguera

Let’s just never mention all the things they beat us on.

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