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# Good Friday
12 things the world needs to understand about Ireland on Holy Thursday
Things get bleak.

BELIEVE US, WE didn’t ask for this.

1. Off licences and pubs are closed tomorrow out of respect to Jesus

He liked a bit of wine, just sayin’. We feel the same about this as you do.

closed_sign_teaser Tomatesasesinos Tomatesasesinos

2. You can go to some EXTREME lengths to avoid this

But we mostly don’t bother, and have a gaff party instead. On that note… let us tell you about the ‘cheeky naggin..’.

By99qriIcAIH3so ItsDavidFan ItsDavidFan

3. Getting one of these means you absolutely have to go to mass

amam - Copy

4. Holy Thursday means we can exit Lent guilt-free, when we really abandoned it four weeks ago

5. It’s obligatory to speed to the off licence after work

Even if you have no intention of drinking tomorrow, it’s nice to ‘have the option’.

6. This is the only place to get dinner on Good Friday

o Yelp Yelp

7. Eating meat  = going to hell

original Sarah Martin Sarah Martin

8. But a bit of Corned beef from the fridge can be overlooked by the holy God

So says mammy when she’s ravenous at 10pm.

IDShot_540x540 Tesco Tesco

9. Therefore, Good Friday is a day when you crave steak and wine like none other


10. It’s obligatory to give out about people that can’t go one day without a beer

Despite the fact that you’ve restocked your wine rack in Dunnes last night.

aaalo squarespace squarespace

11. The stations of the cross is the longest mass you’ll ever sit through

Cross_Stations_a Wikimedia Wikimedia

12. And don’t get freaked out if you see a Jesus walking down the back roads


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