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21 of Ireland's cosiest pubs for a pint by the fire


IRELAND DOESN’T DO good weather. But you know what Ireland does better than anywhere else in the world? Places to escape from bad weather.

Is there anything better than a pub with a fire on a cold day? Here are some of the best.

1. P Egans, Moate

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The kind of pub you’re always hoping to come across. Small, old-fashioned with a turf fire in the fireplace and some eccentric regulars to help the conversation along.

2. The Lord Edward, Dublin

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For an oasis on a busy Saturday night in Dublin, troop upstairs to the Lord Edward’s lounge. There, you will find a warm fire and cold pints (and even table service if you play your cards right). Beautiful.

3. The South Pole, Annascaul

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It’s easy to drive by the South Pole Inn on the way to Dingle. Don’t. Famously owned by Antarctic explorer Tom Crean – maybe that explains the roaring fire? – there’s a reason this cosy pub on the bank of the river is a popular stopoff. Just read the visitor’s books for some of the others who’ve sat by the fire.

4. M O’Shea, Borris

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Half pub, half museum, all great. Probably the best thing about Borris, Co Carlow (which is already a fair picturesque sort of place).

5. Ti Joe Watty, Inis Mor

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It gets pretty cold and windy on the Aran Islands in winter. Luckily, they come armed with pub like Joe Watty’s: a place to walk into a warm fug of beer and turf smoke after an icy tramp to Dun Aengus.

6. Neachtain’s, Galway

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Probably Galway’s best fireside. If you can find a space between the locals, shoppers and tourists, do: you won’t regret it. It’s ALWAYS roasting in Neachtain’s.

7. Nancy’s, Ardara

Like being in someone’s front room, only there’s a better drink selection AND good seafood to boot. Thumbs up.

8. The Blue Note, Galway

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Fires aren’t just for old man pubs, you know. The Blue Note serves up an array of excellent beers, tunes and even sandwiches. Enjoy them with your feet up to the fireplace.

9. The Bath Pub, Dublin

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The Bath take things to the next level by not only offering fires, but also free hot water bottles. They know what they’re dealing with in the Irish climate.

10. O’Loclainn’s, Ballyvaughan

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On a bleak winter’s day, wandering down an unpromising street in the small Clare village of Ballyvaughan, you might just come across one of the best pubs in Ireland. With a vast whiskey selection and a roaring stove, O’Loclainn’s has the welcome you’ve been looking for.

11. The Oval, Cork

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A beloved institution in the middle of Cork city. Has it got a fire? You bet.

12. Bonner’s Bar, Mullaghduff

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Way up in the northwest corner of Ireland, this local institution is the centre of… something special. We’re not sure what. But it involves music, good times and a warm stove, so sign us up.

13. Shoot The Crows, Sligo

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Stay in the front for a trad session, or head on through to the back for a big open fire. Your call.

14. Mutton Lane Inn, Cork

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Another Cork favourite, the Mutton Lane is tucked away between Patrick Street and the English Market. Follow the mural to the fireside.

15. Hole In The Wall, Dublin

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Reputedly the home of the longest bar in the Dublin, the Hole in the Wall is nestled alongside one of the entrances to the Phoenix Park. It is, we dare say, the perfect place to end up after a frosty walk looking for the deer. <3

16. Matt Molloys, Westport

This tweet says it better than we ever could.

17. Lily Finnegans, Whitestown

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Want to escape the stags and hens in Carlingford? Come for a walk along the shore at Whitestown and reward yourself with a pint in the cosy front bar of Lily Finnegan’s afterwards.

18. Roches Bar, Duncannon

19. Harbour Bar, Bray

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Let’s face it. The Irish seafront isn’t always a warm and inviting place to be. Sometimes you deserve a little pick-me-up afterwards. The Harbour Bar has what you need.

20. Dick Macs, Dingle

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Dick Mack’s is a destination for the tourists that flock to Dingle. But fear not: there’s a good reason for that. And the warm, welcoming fireside is only part of it.

21. Crookhaven Inn

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To finish our whistlestop tour of Ireland’s finest firesides, let’s go all the way down to the southwestern tip: the Crookhaven Inn, sitting on the waterfront almost on the very end of the Mizen Peninsula. Excellent seafood, good pints, and a beautiful view from the front window: on a cold day, perfection.

We used PubsWithAFire.com to verify some of our hazy, hazy memories of long evenings in front of a stove. It maps pubs with fires all over Ireland. Very handy if you’re stuck.

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