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16 of the best reactions to Ireland giving the UK zero points at Eurovision
“And none for Gretchen Weiners, bye.”


EUROVISION IS OSTENSIBLY a “song contest,” but we all know the best part is seeing how countries vote for one another.

There’s just something delightful about seeing international alliances and rivalries play out over the course of the night.

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Over the past 62 years, Ireland and the United Kingdom have enjoyed a warm, reciprocal Eurovision relationship with both countries typically awarding each other high points.

Last night, however, Ireland stunned the United Kingdom by awarding them zero points for their efforts.

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What can we say? In this post-Brexit political climate, it’s every man for himself.

Irish people found the whole thing very, very funny. British people? Not so much.

For one thing, singer Lucie Jones, who represented the United Kingdom in the competition, wasn’t one bit impressed with us.

The Brits were *perplexed*

There were lots of “hard border” threats.

Mostly in jest. (We hope.)

Tweet by @Marc Winsland Marc Winsland / Twitter Marc Winsland / Twitter / Twitter

Meanwhile, a Tory councillor came under fire for this racist tweet.

Nick Harrington, a Conservative councillor, has since deleted his account.

Tweet by @cliodiaspora cliodiaspora / Twitter cliodiaspora / Twitter / Twitter

This family’s reaction basically sums it all up.

The actual gasps.

(If you can’t see the video, click here)

This summed up Ireland’s attitude to the whole thing


Tweet by @Lehane-MrGay Ireland Lehane-MrGay Ireland / Twitter Lehane-MrGay Ireland / Twitter / Twitter

UK: “How dare they not give us points?” Ireland: *dances to Kool and The Gang’s Celebration*

“Sorry Mam, we want to live with Dad.”

History exams in 50 years time:

Soz, bbz.

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