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This teenage spelling champion turned into the biggest meme on Vine


MEET SPELLING champion Dev Jaiswal.

The Mississippi teenager placed 5th in the Scripps National Spelling Bee in May this year. He exited the competition when he misspelled ‘iridocyclitis‘ – meaning an inflammation of the eye.

He also stole the show with his gentlemanly reaction to losing out:

Source: XAccess/YouTube

In the weeks after the spelling competition, the video of Dev’s moment of glory racked up hundreds of thousands of views.

It was also posted on Vine…

Source: Fails of Vine/Vine

… where it swiftly got remixed…

Source: Nkach77/Vine

… and became a huge meme.

Source: Gibbehh/Vine

Like, a REALLY popular meme.

Source: tomuchviid/Vine

In short order, Dev Jaiswal got a hip-hop tribute.

Source: Nick Clawson/Vine

Joined Destiny’s Child.

Source: ShonziTho/Vine

Remixed Fetty Wap.

Source: LENARR/Vine

And became the voice of Stitch.

Source: Nate Roberts/Vine

Among other things.

Source: ava marchetti(;/Vine

Things got pretty weird, pretty fast.

Source: matty monahan/Vine

But on one issue there was unity: Dev Jaiswal is a king among men.

Congratulations on winning Vine, AND our hearts. And providing the internet with the hardest-to-spell hashtag that has ever existed.


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