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waffly versatile

11 Irish TV ads that defined your childhood

Oh Mr Soooooft.

COME, ALLOW US  to bathe you in a warm glow of nostalgia…

1. This old voice comforted us for some unknown reason

brennansbread / YouTube

There’s just something about the old salt-of-the-earth Brennan’s man that made you want that sliced pan. Or, in this instance, the Whippersnapper.

2. We didn’t know what waffly versatile really meant

Matt H-P / YouTube

But we could sing every word.

The tune that you can’t get out of your head and some of the worst punning in advertising history. Waffly versatile indeed.

3. That Harvey Norman guy

zampakid / YouTube


Well, OK.

4. This festive classic filled our hearts with Penneys hope

Primark / YouTube

*tries to hit high notes* “Penneys, got a whole lot of things for Christmas.”

5. Those Guinness horses that came from nowhere

Alltmor / YouTube

The distinctive black and white look combined with that deep voice just freaked you out as a kid. This ad was launched in 1999 and ran for some time.

6. Actually, Guinness seemed to specialise in intriguing ads

themoaningcow / YouTube

WHY is he dancing? That music. To a child, this whole ad is all sorts of confusing.

7. This ever present baker was a constant companion

Syzy9ial / YouTube


From 1980 to 2002, this ad woke you up every morning – its insane catchiness never leaving you for the rest of the day (and life).

8. This impossibly 90s Barry’s tea effort

BarrysTeaIreland / YouTube

9. And this one from the 00s was slightly confusing

BarrysTeaIreland / YouTube

We could not handle these subtle nods. What DOES she mean? Being captain is a good thing, surely? We give up.

10. Them bones, them bones needed… milk

kazimann / YouTube

Yes, them bones need calcium. Yes, it’s a natural law. We get it.

11. With this ad, you did spoil us

KhaliStar / YouTube

Nobody had any idea what was going on, we all just needed a Ferrero Rocher. Whatever they were. The apparent decadence of it all was hypnotising.

What ads do you remember with a strange fondness? 

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