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11 very important gifts America gave to Ireland

Happy Fourth of July.

IT’S THE FOURTH of July, the day America saved the world from aliens. Let us give thanks.

Not only for saving the world, but also these important things…

1. Barack Obama Plaza

PastedImage-7216 Source: Eamonn Farrell Rollingnews.ie

The best thing to happen to Monegall, bar none.

2. Bumbag-wearing tourists

PastedImage-17060 Source: Leon Farrell/RollingNews.ie

So friendly, so lovely, so willing to completely disregard our insistence that St Patty’s Day is not a thing.

3. USA Biscuits

PastedImage-23073 Source: eurofoodsgroup.com

OK so they’re not actually from the USA but we like to think they are when whipping them out at Christmas like the glam bitches we are.

4. Decent TV

friends-reunion-2016 Source: NBC

Would you have wanted to watch endless re-runs of Fair City and Glenroe instead of Sabrina and Friends? No, no you wouldn’t.

5.  For making our chocolate look amazing

Kisses - 2/365 Source: Jamiesrabbits

Cadburys > Hersheys every damn time.

6. Places to go for our J1

San Francisco Sunset Source: spencer341b

Learn a new language? NO THANKS, let’s go to America!

7. Mortifying clothing trends

Hollister, Westfield, London Source: gigijin

Remember when every Irish teen was obsessed with Abercrombie and Hollister? Dark times.

8. Burgers

Burger Source: cyclonebill

They’re American not German, OK, and they’re delicious. Would Eddie Rocket’s have existed without America? Probably not.

9. The word ‘Like’

tumblr_mnucd6Vv5L1qe1i57o3_250 Source: Tumblr

How would people from South Dublin ever punctuate their speech? Like, oh my God.

10. Perspective

GOP 2016 Trump Source: David Zalubowski

It could be worse!

11. Finally, they gave us utter, utter confusion on social media



The relief when you find out it’s JUST in American, that my friends, is the gift.

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