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Everyone is taking the piss out of this Irish-American's angry comment on what it means to be Irish

“It seems you’ve forgotten true Irish pride.”

USUALLY, IRISH-AMERICANS only come on the horizon in Ireland for all the wrong reasons – often around Patty’s Day (cough, cough).

this list Source: Twitter/Carl Mullan

And it’s with a heavy that we must report that this issue is all over people’s timelines again.

It began yesterday when Twitter user @DanaLisa found a screenshot of this YouTube comment from a supposed Irish-American

UltimaSinful had this to say on what it truly means to be Irish:

I’m sick of you Irishmen telling us Irish-Americans what a real Irishman is. I’ve been to Cork and Dublin and you’re nowhere near as Irish as us in Boston and New York. In your bars I’ve witnessed you watching soccer games and listening to British bands, with not a pint of Guinness or an Irish Flag in sight. I think Ireland is too near to Britain, so come to Boston to be reminded of what being Irish is all about. It seems you’ve forgotten true Irish pride.


It seems like the comment originally popped up on a video from 2014, and might possibly be a 4chan meme, as found here. So it might very well be an intentionally troll-y response simply inserted into comment sections to provoke a big reaction.

And oh how it’s worked.

It’s gone seriously viral in the last 24 hours since it was rediscovered due to its ludicrously preachy nature. And got people thinking of other bad experiences they’ve had

reminds Source: @Glinner

Generally, the response was one of shock and uncontrollable glee

reads Source: @AdlaiM

b45e876ed758436e41120be25d418842 Source: @MarkMac10

All the facepalms at once

ba1406fd350629e233dfd46ba197a4cd Source: @AkilKapasi

It even reached Irish-Americans themselves – and they were mortified

obrien Source: @HabitualGypsy

Yes, this is Irishplaining

4fc311cbe7200d9fc2a7dd23fba384d2 Source: @DaveMcKinnon__

7c6b5f3fe81139ae1cb9c2290b120d90 Source: @BoyCalledSue

Or Iresplaining?

Either way, we have a new term.

We need to figure out what went wrong on his trip to Dublin and Cork

holiday Source: @kronoc

Not enough tricolours up on the walls, perhaps.

We’re just going to move the whole island here, that’ll fix the problem of proximity

paddioe Source: @gercelt

Be grand ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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