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Just 5 gas Irish celebrity news stories from the 1990s/early 2000s you completely forgot about

Time for a trip down memory lane.

1. That time B*Witched caused outrage and prompted complaints by cursing on Nickelodeon.

bwti BBC BBC

Back in 1998, B*Witched were making an appearance on Nickelodeon at 8am when an unnamed member of the group let a four-letter word slip out, prompting a complaint from a viewer.

The curse word in question? “Feck.”

One member of the group, who was not named, swore twice in quick succession before being quickly removed from the cable and satellite station’s airwaves. The presenter then apologised for the use of a four-letter word.  Nickelodeon claimed that the Irish teenager actually used a catchphrase from a TV series set in her home country. The channel described “Feck off” – as “a phrase made popular by the Channel 4 sitcom Father Ted”.

2. The time Fine Gael’s Brian Hayes got cross at Shane Lynch for swearing.

MTV/Boyzone PA Archive / PA Images PA Archive / PA Images / PA Images

Back in 1999, Boyzone’s Shane Lynch dismissed reports that the boyband were going to split up as a “load of f**king s**t” while live on the MTV Awards.

The Irish Independent reported at the time that Fine Gael’s Brian Hayes wasn’t one bit happy with the crass language.

Dublin Fine Gael TD Brian Hayes said Lynch’s language “shows up a certain inadequacy”. He added: “Someone should send him a dictionary. When they started, Boyzone were carefully choreographed so that they wouldn’t offend a maiden aunt.”
“It is a shame that Shane now thinks he can act as he likes. But I have to say that it wasn’t just him who resorted to language last night, as far as I could see.”

Bold Shane.

3. The time Brian (née Bryan) McFadden antagonised So Solid Crew at the Brit Awards… and they beat him up

Brits 2002 Westlife PA Archive / PA Images PA Archive / PA Images / PA Images

The year was 2002. Westlife were dominating the pop charts at home and across the water. That winter, the group were nominated for Best Pop Act at the Brit Awards and walked away victorious. But not before causing a raucous.

Per a Brit Awards spokesewoman at the time:

Bryan McFadden got rather too drunk and tired and emotional. As So Solid Crew went past him, he started to throw water. They reacted by throwing a few punches that didn’t land. A few glasses and bottles were thrown but security stepped in. Unfortunately artists do tend to rather overindulge when they come to these events and have one too many.

Months later, Brian (née Bryan) admitted to The Mirror that he had antagonised So Solid Crew, which led to the bust up.

I remember shouting, ‘F**k these fellas,’ as they walked past,” he admits. “And then I forgot about them. Then I turned around and realized, ‘Sh**, they’re on the way back. They surrounded our table, so I just ran towards them. The rest is blur.

So now.

4. The time Samantha Mumba accused Twink of treating her badly and called her “Barbie’s Granny”

In a 2000 interview with Hot Press, Samantha Mumba hit out at Twink for firing her from the panto.

If I was on the dole and it all ended tomorrow and she offered me 10 grand to be in her panto I would never, never, never work with that woman again … She didn’t discover me … She couldn’t discover a fart in a paper bag.

Twink later hit back and told South East Radio that Mumba was “very undisciplined” and ” very opinionated girl”.

She caused an enormous amount of problems for the choreographers and costume people and just about everybody really. As any mother would say about her child, she had airs above her station and didn’t toe the line with the cast.


5. The time Amanda Brunker unintentionally antagonised Katie Price by wearing a low-cut top.

In 2002, Amanda Brunker was tasked with interviewing woman of the moment Katie Price and showed up to the interview wearing what she described as “underwear as outerwear”. What ensued was the sort of scandal that would make the Sunday Independent salivate.

Here’s how Brendan O’Connor covered it at the time:

When Jordan was confronted with Amanda’s legendary pillows held in only by a bustier, she presumed it was some kind of a joke. Not only did she refuse to talk to poor Amanda, she wouldn’t even acknowledge her.

Brunker said Price wasn’t impressed and “wouldn’t even turn around and look at me”.

O’Connor then very tastefully assessed both women’s chests.

On a personal note I should admit that I’ve been lucky enough to have seen all four parties to this dispute at close range and I’ll put up for Amanda’s anytime. While Amanda’s are home-grown, free-range and organic, Jordan is definitely a battery chick.
The Celtic Tiger, baby!!!

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