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9 very Irish cocktails every Irish person needs to try at least once

“One Mai Tai Baiii, please.”

1. A winter old-fashioned

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Made with none other than Teeling Whiskey.

Nip into the Teeling Distillery and warm your insides with one. You won’t regret it.

2. This Tanora cocktail


Rather aptly named the “Mai Tai Baiii”. Available in Bar Pigale, Cork.

3. This creation starring Guinness, orange juice and champagne

The O'Neal. Orange Juice, Champagne, and Guinness. Surprisingly delicious.

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Now you’re talking.

4. This Irish take on the Moscow Mule

“The Dingle Donkey”

Made with Dingle Vodka, of course.

5. This Teeling delight

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Known as The Redleg Rebellion.

Teeling Whiskey and pineapple whipped up together for a fruity cocktail with a kick.

Available in The Liquor Rooms and MVP.

6. Buckfast Lives Forever

Okay, this technically isn’t available to purchase anywhere, but the winner of the first ever Buckfast Cocktail Competition surely deserves a mention.

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Buckfast Lives Forever was created by Fionn Doyle from The Skeff in Galway and contains Bucky, gin, strawberry, cucumber and limes.

*throws them all in a glass, hopes for the best*

7. Dublin 8 Negroni

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Bastible‘s local spin on the classic cocktail is a must.

8. The Samuel Beckett

Whiskey, poitin, honey and thyme.


9. A Michael Collins

Like a Tom Collins — gin, sugar, lemon and fizzy water — but made with whiskey.

“One Michael Collins, please.”

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