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15 things Irish kids just loved to collect

So much collecting.

IF YOU STILL have these, you’re some chancer.

1. Football cards from Kelloggs cereals during the World Cup 94

PastedImage-58417 Source: Adverts.ie

2. Italia 90 Esso coins

PastedImage-95446 Source: Adverts.ie

3. These… things

4. Telecom Eireann Callcards

Why? Who knows.

PastedImage-15322 Source: Adverts.ie

5. Fancy paper

There was MURDER over these.

PastedImage-94342 Source: etsy.com

6. These Kelloggs bike reflectors

PastedImage-40216 Source: The Greatest Toys of All Time Ever

7. Pogs

ZUsXI Source: Imgur

8. Fancy rubbers

We can still SMELL them.

54f3677a32e957e257aa8f14d9b9a95b Source: Pinterest

9. Gel pens

You’ll keep resenting that bitch Sharon for not giving you a shot of her metallics.

PastedImage-60514 Source: Pinterest

10. Coke wrappers

If you collected enough you could send off for a watch or a PERSONAL ORGANISER.

PastedImage-19675 Source: adverts.ie

11. Magazines and comics

Beano, Dandy, Bunty, Smash Hits, Sabrinas Secrets, the Animals of Farthing Wood… whatever you could get your sticky mits on.

hqdefault Source: YouTube

The-Animals-Of-Farthing-Wood-collection-magazine Source: Picclick

12. Beanie babies

Don’t take the damn tag off them.

beanies Source: Youbetyourpierogis

13. Toys from Kinder Eggs

Such shite, but so appealing.

PastedImage-34549 Source: dailyfeed.co.uk

14. Crazy bones

You had no idea what they were but you somehow ended up with loads of them.

zWeZU4L Source: Imgur eTizzle

15. Micro machines

micro-machines-silent_bob-img_6102-big Source: Lasertimepodcast

Only the luckiest of all had the big truck.

maxresdefault Source: Youtube

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