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This teen is becoming a Vine star with his Irish-dancing pop mashups


OWEN LUEBBERS LOVES a bit of tap. He’s a regular Michael Flatley.

The 16-year-old has gained quite a bit of notoriety on Vine by Irish dancing along to pop music clips in a strangely hypnotising fashion.

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Luebbers said he’s been dancing since he could walk, and wanted to freshen up the ‘traditional’ dance by doing it to pop music.

Here he is dancing to Britney and Iggy’s new one, Pretty Girls

owen luebbers / Vine


How about Ignition?

owen luebbers / Vine

Cheerleader by Omi

owen luebbers / Vine

He’s even tapped along to Ariana Grande, One Last Time

Of course Uptown Funk gets a look in

Owen is from Philadelphia and a massive Irish dancing star in the States. He’s ranked second in the world in his age group.

There are literally dozens more, and they’re all a joy. Check out Owen’s Vine for the lot.

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