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15 timeless Debs memories all Irish gals will relate to

Memories <3

1. Spending the day flouncing around in your dress, sipping sophisticated drinks and generally acting like you own the place

“Cocktail sausage? Don’t mind if I do.”

2. Doing your hair and make-up, and thinking you looked ~stunning~

(And only realising 10 years later that the blue eyeshadow was probably a bad idea.)

giphy (2) Source: Giphy

3. Having to pose for, oh, 7 million photos in the house

One with Nana, one with Grandad, one with Mam, one with Dad, one with the whole gang, one with your date, one with your neighbour Janet, one with your sulky brother, one by yourself in the front garden, one by yourself in the back garden, one standing beside the car — we could go on.

4. At least it gave you good practice for when you arrived at the venue and had to pose for the assembled paparazzi*

* = photographers from local newspapers

5. Genuinely feeling like you were at the Oscars once you had arrived

So glam.

6. Stuffing everything you own into your tiny sparkly Penneys clutch

Phone, make-up, ID, money, keys, naggin, flats, ticket — and somehow you make it work ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Sequence beaded and sparkle at Penneys @primark #sparkle #clutchbag #bloggers #styleblogger #graduation #debs

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7. Feeling like an AMERICAN or something with your corsage

8. Praying to the high heavens that nothing like this happens

9. Fantasising about having a romantic dance at the Debs like all those prom movies you watched growing up…

giphy (3) Source: Giphy

10. And the dream immediately evaporating once your date removes his jacket and tie to dance to Cotton Eye Joe. 

11. Going to extreme lengths to smuggle alcohol into the venue

12. Spending half the night in the bathrooms just chatting to gals

“You look lovely.” “Aw no, you look lovely!”

giphy (4) Source: abs-olutely-fit/Tumblr

13. Kicking your shoes off and dancing barefoot when the pain all got too much

14. Wearing your date’s jacket at the end of the night because (a) you saw that happen in a film once and (b) you’re freezing your arse off

15. Doing the inevitable walk of shame in your guna the next morning…

Ah, memories.

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