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10 timeless Debs traditions that will never die

Bonding with teachers, stumbling in heels and more.

AH, THE DEBS. A classic rite of passage steeped in tradition.

With Debs season well and truly under way, we decided to look at some Debs traditions that will never cease to exist.

1. Having your extended family arrive over to your house for cocktail sausages and sparkling wine

As you flounce about the place in your suit/dress and pray that your date doesn’t make a show of you.

beyonce Source: mustardcreative

2. Getting photos taken for seven hours

tumblr_inline_mhywlqwujj1raj8mk Source: im16again/Tumblr

Enduring hours of posing for photos with different relatives after enduring hours of your Mam trying to figure out how to work the flash on the camera.

“Okay, get in with Nana now. One with Nana. Okay, that wasn’t great, we’ll go again. You’ve got some puss on you – smile, would you? Lovely. That’s lovely. Sure, I’ll get one of the two of you sitting down as well. Sit down there now.”

Make it end.

3. Boarding a bus to go to the ball

Source: The Southern Star/YouTube

With paper cups and mixers in tow.

4. Absolutely inhaling a sub-par chicken supreme

giphy (3) Source: giphy

Otherwise known as the “meat option”.

5. Drinking under the table

As in, bringing a naggin and intermittently dipping under the table for a quick sip.

tumblr_mfqm1o8v0L1rkljy3o1_400 Source: primevalreactiongifs/Tumblr

6. Bonding with your teachers

Drinking pints with them, realising they’re not so bad and maybe even saying something regrettable.

7. Girls trying and failing to walk in high heels

model-falls-o Source: louisajm/Wordpress

Until they eventually just take them off altogether and free their poor, poor feet.

Braveheart-Freedom_zpsfee7786b Source: Photobucket

8. Deciding to do something extravagant afterwards like going to the beach or renting a hotel room

Going to the beach thinking it’ll be as idyllic as this:

beachgif1 Source: MTV FORA

When in reality, you’re cursing whoever thought it would be a good idea to go to the beach and are more like this.

tumblr_inline_naiz3giHwV1smsky6 Source: laylakisa/Tumblr

tumblr_inline_naiz47PLJH1smsky6 Source: laylakisa/Tumblr

9. Walking around the next morning, looking slightly worse for wear

Keep it classy, folks.

10. And, of course, stalking the local paper for Debs photos for weeks afterwards

And feeling like a ~celebrity~ when your photo made it in.

Ariel-disney-fabulous-gif-little-mermaid-Favim.com-238165-1- Source: Glee Wikia

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