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9 alcohol sins you'll see on every Irish student night

Ah… multicoloured vomit.

THERE ARE NO rules about what you can order at the pub… but maybe there should be.

1. Wine with ice

Usually in a glass that was never intended for wine, keeping it cool and watering it down.

CFaXfE0W0AAzjbH Source: erinleeryan

2. Guinness and cider

Called Black Velvet by some, looked upon in disdain by many.

A Black Velvet - Guinness and Magners in one pint Source: catherding

3. Wine with 7up

A favourite for Irish gals at weddings. Blunt the taste, up the fizz.

4. Guinness with blackcurrant

This is strangely soothing on the stomach, but still, blasphemy to the sacred being that is Guinness.

guinnes-w-cassis Source: btchnktchn

5. Fosters and lime

Usually seen in the hand of a student who just got the €3 Fosters deal, but doesn’t actually like Fosters.

6. Frosties

You ask the bartender for a pint of cola schnapps and Smirnoff ice, you get back a luminous red liquid that tastes like cola Frosties.

A1F_knqCUAAKj8e Source: Twimg

7. Fat frog

No, not the premixed alcopop, but the ones you make at the bar with two pint glasses, a Blue WKD, Smirnoff Ice and Bacardi breezer. How could you?

Bj-KhL3IAAA9ihN Source: _LauraDuffy

8. Skittles

A similar vein to the Fat Frog before it. This one is made of Captain Morgan, Southern Comfort, Smirnoff Ice and a dash of blackcurrant. Diabetes in a pint glass.

BIz4wHnCAAI4YDt Source: CresMcLaughlin

9. Snakebite

Just admit that you don’t like beer yet!

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