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very real problems

37 first world problems that are too real for Irish people

Peace be with you. “And with your spirit.”

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1. Unexpected item in the bagging area.

2. Bus Éireann wifi.

3. When people put empty wrappers back in the Roses tin.

4. When a good movie is on ITV but not on UTV Ireland.

5. When people form two separate queues for the self-checkouts in Tesco and it’s not clear who gets to go next.

6. When you have to select Ireland from a drop-down list of countries, and you don’t know if it’s down as Ireland or Republic of Ireland or ROI or even Eire.

7. ”Peace be with you.” “And also wi-AND WITH YOUR SPIRIT.”

8. The fact that literally nobody *really* knows how to use electric storage heaters.

9. Always feeling panicky at garda checkpoints, no matter what.

10. Having an Irish name in Starbucks.

11. Having an Irish name on the phone to any call centre outside Ireland.

12. Having to watch in silence while the deli server makes your sandwich with a manky knife covered in mayonnaise from the last person.

Wordpress Wordpress

13. Umbrella held up against driving rain, can’t see where you’re going

14. The selection on Irish Netflix.

15. When you secretly want to go home, but it’s your round.

16. That feeling when you check your texts after a work night out.

17. Too warm with a coat, too cold without.

18. Getting a spice bag, then the chips are soggy.

19. The awkward knee-shuffle during Mass when you’ve forgotten when to stand up and sit down. / iphone / iphone / iphone

20. When you boil the kettle without checking and there’s only enough for half a cup.

21. When you’ve already made tea and there’s no milk.

22. When you’ve already made tea and you pour the milk into it and it goes lumpy.

23. Having a ‘bag for life’, then leaving it at home.

24. Staying in a hotel and accidentally missing the breakfast.

25. Forgetting to print your boarding pass.

26. When you need to do your tan, but it’s too cold in your house.

Howtodefrostbread Howtodefrostbread

27. When you’re buying something online and the postage to Ireland is more than the actual value of the thing.

28. When you can pick up your parcel at your local An Post delivery centre 20 miles away across yonder mountain.

29. The fact that nobody has come up with a more convenient way of carrying peat briquettes.

30. Anything to do with UPC. (Yes, they’re called Virgin now.)

31. Moaning about the weather all year, then it actually gets warm and you can’t deal with it.

zaneology zaneology

32. Someone leaving you a voice message

33. Desperately want compliments, absolutely refuse to accept them.

34. People storming onto the Luas while you’re trying to get off.

35. When the Domino’s delivery guy says ‘Enjoy’ and you unthinkingly answer ‘You too’.

36. Phone calls from unknown numbers

37. “The uploader has not made this video available in your country.”

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