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11 uniquely Irish flirting techniques

We are the worst.

FLIRTING DOES NOT come naturally to many Irish people, this much we know.

But within the mix of awkwardness, bad jokes and silence there are some identifiable techniques:

1. Nodding and saying “Howya”

tumblr_lesewbCi2J1qaqaiy Source: Tumblr

Then walking away to your friends, thinking that polite acknowledgement is “progress.”

2. Asking whereabouts in the country they are from

countyfinalcover Source: wiki

Suddenly county borders matter to you.

3. Frantically checking whether you have any mutual friends from college


“What year did you graduate? My friend was there in 2011.”

4. Getting your friends to do most of the talking


Because shyness will work.

5. Desperately trying to make eye contact

flirting Source: creativity

Even when it’s a hazard to your safe walking.

6. Texting vague messages after a night out


Wouldn’t want to be mentioning any details, oh no.

7. Never, ever texting back immediately

waiting Source: Gurl


8. Trying to look classy when eating with them

How I flirt. Source: Imgur

It might not work so well when it’s garlic cheese chips at 2am, but it’s an essential part of flirting nonetheless.

9. Consuming some alcohol at the bar to boost craic levels

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Suddenly, your flirting game ups a notch or two.

10. Never taking a compliment

Arthur-s-smilrk-he-seems-to-like-the-flirting-arthur-and-gwen-29295603-500-400 Source: Fanpop

It’s part of Irish flirting and won’t change.

“Ah, would you go away out of that.”

11. Leaning in for the shift at the wrong moment

rejection- Source: Whatsyourprice

No Irish person has a strategy for this. There are loads of good times to lean in for the shift but you choose the one moment when it’s awkward.

Somehow we struggle on. Good luck out there, everyone.

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