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9 struggles all Irish girls face in the summer

Such a love hate relationship with that sun.

THE SUN IS great and all, but it’s a whole load of effort…

1. You realise that you actually glow in the sun

REALLY? You’re that white?

-72c87ef8-1803-4a7d-9292-e7d8edcfaa9a_1 Source: Shandymedia

2. The smell of false tan precedes you

If you’re a fan of the bottled tan, you’ll smell like biscuits and sausage rolls. This is your life now.


3. Dressing for four seasons in one day isn’t an easy task

It’s different depending on what window you look out.

2mmLm Source: Imgur

4. You hair takes on a life of its own

The humidity one moment, the wind the next. Give us strength.


5. The rain is guaranteed to hit after perfectly applying tan


6. You realise you have absolutely nothing to wear

You didn’t take down the summer clothes box from the hot press? Sure you didn’t need it until now. Pity it all doesn’t fit anymore. To Penneys with you!

IMG_2457.jpg.662x0_q70_crop-scale Source: Treehugger

7. Shaving the legs is a constant battle

Oh, forget it, just wear jeans in the scorching sun.

8. Freckles. All the freckles

Maybe they’ll join together and make a tan?

freckles-freckles-everywhere Source: Troll

9. You’ll most definitely get sunburned even in the lashings of rain

It peels to reveal even whiter skin, if that’s possible. Tough times all round.

fell-asleep-in-the-sun Source: Imgace

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