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These 'Irish Goodbye' shorts being sold in the US are a giant sack of cringe

Ideal for St Patty’s Day.

Source: Chubbies

TODAY’S BAD NEWS in begob-and-begorrah merchandise: these ‘Irish Goodbye’ shorts for American bros who want to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

(Or Saint Patty’s Day, as they would call it.)

The shorts come in an attractive tricolour design. So far, so reasonably acceptable. But here’s the description.

Source: Chubbies

Night’s over. Or it’s just starting. Either way you’re saying “see ya later” to any jabroni standing between you and 124 oz. of green tasty freedom.

Translation: It is either late, or early. But in either case, these shorts will help you ignore the well-meaning and correct people trying to save you from doing yourself a stupid injury on weak and overpriced beer with food colouring in it.

The actual state of these lads. Source: Chubbies

And that’s not all!

These tri-color lucky charms live everyday like dem pockets full’o'gold.

Translation: This means literally nothing.

The shorts are made by shorts specialist Chubbies, a company that describes itself as “righteous” and calls its customers “Chubsters”.

via Reddit

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