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16 pieces of graffiti only Irish people will truly appreciate


1. This friendly message to visitors from a Mayo town

2. This roadside tanning station in Dublin

Source: Imgur

3. This high-class gentleman speaking his mind

Source: Imgur

4. This message of hope from a citizen of Derry

Source: The Ulster Fry

5. This heartwarming tribute

Source: Imgur

6. This important beauty announcement

Source: Imgur

7. This collage

Source: Imgur

8. This amended public transport slogan

Source: Imgur

9. This example of our renowned subtle sense of humour

10. This crucial correction

Source: Imgur

11. This sweeping manifesto for peace

12. This widespread local religious belief

13. And this touching plea

14. This highly practical message

Source: Imgur

15. This helpful announcement

Source: Imgur

16. And this touching tribute to family values

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