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11 sexy Irish Halloween costumes that need to exist*

*not really.

SO WE KNOW that the amount of sexy Halloween costumes is exponentially rising year on year.

But just for a second imagine there were Irish ones for tonight’s festivities:

1. Like a sexy hungover person on the way to Spar

shutterstock_252159349 Source: Shutterstock/Vladimir Gjorgiev

Benefits of this costume: Bad breath, grogginess, a refusal to cook your own meals – leading to the ordering of food online after you’ve picked up your snacks.

2. Sexy garda being sound at a festival

Benefits of this costume: Everyone will think you're sound.

3. Sexy chicken fillet roll

steve Source: Flickr/stevendamron

Benefits of this costume: You will be the embodiment of Ireland's favourite lunchtime meal. It will also be a conversation starter at parties.

4. Sexy Angelus background character

angelus2 Source: Youtube

Benefits of this costume: You don't have to say much. You just have to turn and look wistfully into the distance when you hear bells ring.

5. Sexy Gaeilgeoir

usegaelige Source: Shutterstock/edco

Benefits of this costume: You can only speak in Irish all night, and this will improve

6. Sexy Six One newsreader

download Source: RTE

Benefits of this costume: You basically just have to wear some nice clothes. It gives you an air of authority at parties.

7. Sexy Rubberbandits

Pictured at the Project Arts Centre for Source: Photocall Ireland

Benefits of this costume: Easy to get right given it's just a bag and you get to speak in the dulcet tones of Limerick all night.

8. Sexy spice bag

spicebag2 Source: Boards.ie

Benefits of this costume: You'll be irresistible to everyone.

9. Sexy auld lad standing in the pub

Richard Harris The Field Source: BlogSpot

Benefits of this costume: You get to stand in the pub sipping pints and claim you are in character.

10. Sexy character from the cancelled RTÉ classic Fade Street

dani2 Source: Youtube

Benefits of this costume: Your audience will be nice. But anyone who does get it will be enthralled.

11. And finally... a sexy pint of Guinness

flickrguinness Source: Shutterstock/flickr

Benefits of this costume: There is nothing sexier than a pint of the black stuff, obviously. 

If somebody turns up to a party wearing any of these tonight, give them some much deserved kudos.

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