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Which Era of Irish History Should You Have Lived In?

You would have loved it too.

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1. Pick a gaff to live in...
2. Choose your favourite Irish historical figure...
Brian Boru
Oscar Wilde

Michael Collins
Red Hugh O'Donnell
3. If you were in Braveheart, you would be...
Princess Isabella

William Wallace
King Edward Longshanks
4. Is running water a priority for you?
Uh, yes.
It would be nice, but if I'm going to live in ancient times I think I'd have bigger problems on my hands
5. You're involved in some sort of historical battle. Perhaps to defend your clan. Choose your weapon wisely...
Bow and Arrow

A musket
6. Choose a vessel for your alcohol...

Pewter mug
7. You're making a trip to see your relatives. How would you like to travel?
The luxury of Horse and Cart
Your trusty horse
8. Pick your favourite landmark in Ireland...
Blarney Castle
St Patrick's Cathedral

The Giant's Causeway
9. And finally... if you were sailing on the Titanic, you would prefer to be...
In First Class
In Second Class

In Third Class, having the craic
The Captain
Answer all the questions to see your result!
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You should have lived in Viking Ireland
In and around 914AD, the Vikings second raid on Ireland began. If you were living back then, you might have had to try and fend them off - especially if you were living in a monastery. You could have been a warrior.
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You should have lived in Norman Ireland
The Norman era reached its peak in the 1200s, but their power was only on the east coast. Depending on where you lived, you could have had your feet up in Trim Castle, or be roughing it outside Leinster.
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You should have lived in Tudor Ireland
You would have loved the 16th Century. You probably would have lived outside the Pale, keeping yourself out of trouble. The Tudor conquest of Ireland in 1541 made this a complicated time in our history, but you would have flourished.
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You should have lived in Neolithic Ireland
You would have fit right in back in 2500BC. Everyone was making big megalithic monuments and living off the land. You would have particularly enjoyed the rustic dry stone wall houses and questionable clothing.
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You should have lived in James Joyce's Dublin
At the start of 1900, Dublin was a diverse city of major contradictions. It had its own thriving artistic community, and rebellion was in the air. You would have fitted in quite nicely.
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You should have lived in Georgian Dublin
From 1714 to 1830, this era completely changed the look of Ireland's capital, with its grand buildings and even grander designs. You would have been at the centre of this new style, with an epic townhouse all to yourself.
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