9 Irish Instagram accounts you should follow if you're considering going vegetarian or vegan this year

All of the people who offer the best inspiration and recommendations.

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AT THE END of 2017, we learned just how much the demand for vegan and vegetarian food had increased in a year.

Just Eat found that there was a 987% increase in demand for vegetarian options and Tesco decided to double the amount of vegan and vegetarian options in stores at the start of December. Marks and Spencer just launched a ton of new vegan ready meals, so it’s easier to reduce your intake of meat and dairy products than ever before.

Whether you want to do it for health reasons, or you’re crippled by the fear of the damage you’re doing to the environment, or you simply just care about animals, there are loads of brilliant Irish people with loads of tips and recommendations to help you along the way.

1. Veghuns

Source: Veghuns

As well as running an excellent Instagram account, Veghuns also have a pretty entertaining Facebook page where they share entertaining videos of themselves trying new things and reviewing vegan stuff.

This is the account you need to follow if you’re looking for satisfying vegan sweets and snacks.

However, they do sometimes eat healthy food too. Which looks equally as good as all of the other stuff.

 2. Veg and Vegan Dublin

Source: Veg and Vegan Dublin

For the last six years, this individual has been sharing the best vegetarian and vegan food they’ve found in Dublin. Lots of it is healthy and they’ve got plenty of recommendations on where to eat out in Dublin and everywhere else they travel to.

From vegan sushi:

Source: vegandvegandublin

To chicken wings:

Source: vegandvegandublin

To the offerings of Sova Vegan Butcher:

3. The Broke Vegan Student

A Cork based vegan showing off the type of veg/vegan stuff you can eat on a budget in the People’s Republic.

There’s plenty of inspiration for cheap meals you can make at home, too.

4. Elaine Kingston

Another Cork based vegan who runs a blog with some excellent recipes. Elaine does a little bit of everything. From unreal treats:

To very satisfying dinners:

You’ll quickly realise that you don’t have to miss out on any good food when you cut out animal products.

5. Belfast Vegan

As the title suggests, this is a vegan based in Belfast. If you’re living in the north, you’ve got access to some different shops and products. This account has been documenting some of the very delicious vegan food that’s on offer in Belfast.

6. Tough Little Vegan

For the Irish abroad, Jessica Dowdall’s sharing all of her vegan finds in Sydney. Some major inspiration for things you might not necessarily see people eating in Ireland.

They’ve even managed to make meringues without eggs in Australia.

 7. This Little Bowl

A fairly new Instagram account set up by another vegan in Cork, which has so far only showcased homemade meals, if you’re looking for some ideas.

8. I’m A Little Vegan

Source: Ireland AM

Is everyone in Cork a vegan? It certainly seems that way. I’m A Little Vegan is another Cork based Instagram, run by Louise Kelly who demonstrates how to make vegan food on TV3. Look at these unreal scones.

And this extremely aesthetically pleasing brunch.

Source: I'm A Little Vegan

All of her food posts are punctuated with cute pics of her dog. Let’s just throw a bonus pic of him in for the sake of it.


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