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11 things you'll see on every Irish Mam's Facebook
Oh Mam.

BEING FRIENDS WITH your Mam on Facebook is… an experience.

You’re virtually guaranteed to see…

1. Empowering posts like this…

11737929_931764293556691_8742838043983326154_n AngelQuackerFactory / Facebook AngelQuackerFactory / Facebook / Facebook

2. A photo of you from donkeys years ago

Thanks for that one, Mam.

3. An inappropriate meme that you think she must be posting just so she can mortify you

CLOuamYWsAAXRu_ Martin Hayes Kelly / Facebook Martin Hayes Kelly / Facebook / Facebook

Plz, Mam.

Why are you doing this to me?

4. Ah God, Mam, are you trying to kill me?

5. Very sweet/earnest comments on things she doesn’t understand

B7AjcWCCcAAQ_D8Source: itsjonnywilson/Twitter

"I don't get it, but I'm going to show you my support anyway xxx"

6. Photos that are shared without any context

photos Flickr Flickr

Where'd you get the flowers, Mam? Did you grow them yourself? Were they a gift? Were they on offer in Tesco?

A little bit of context would go a loooong way.

7. You best believe that every status is going to end with "xxx"

Even if the tone of status itself is passive aggressive.

fbstat Sophie / Facebook Sophie / Facebook / Facebook


8. Memes about wine that suggest she might have a problem...

When you know that she gets giddy after a single glass.


We get it, Mam. You like wine.

wine-ambulance-winebulance-wine-meme Blog Your Wine Blog Your Wine

9. You know she's going to share statuses about computer viruses doing the rounds


And nobody has the heart to tell her it's a hoax :(

10. An incessant stream of updates about how she's getting on in her favourite Facebook games


11. And a profile photo that will leave you shaking your head

CB1aEojW0AAqbZc amybrennans / Facebook amybrennans / Facebook / Facebook

If it's not a photo of a cartoon or a stock photo of a field, then it's probably a photo that is dodgily cropped/absolutely ancient.

Oh Mams.


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