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'Mooncups changed my life, to be honest': Three gals explain why they ditched tampons this summer

‘I live with my boyfriend so putting waste in the trash…you feel a bit gross, but with the Mooncup I feel cleaner’

LAST YEAR WAS the first time that realistic-looking blood was depicted in an advert for a period product. 

first Bodyform Bodyform

Up until now, some weird bubblegum blue mouthwash liquid had been used.

blue Youtube Youtube

Today’s period advertisements are merely catching up with millennial women, who are increasingly confident talking about their bodies and bodily functions. 

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Millennials are also increasingly questioning the conventional products we use for our bodily functions. Mooncups have soared in populaity and it’s easy to see why. They’re €30, reusable, and can last for a decade. 

moon cup Mooncup Mooncup

But what are they really like to use? 

Here’s what three recent converts to the Mooncup had to say about ditching tampons:

Iris, 29, and has had three cycles using the Mooncup 

What did you use before the Mooncup?

I used pads mainly, but I have sensitive skin so they kind of irritated me.

What inspired you to change? 

My friend text me that she’d heard from her friend that [the Mooncup] was amazing; it reduces pain*, she swims with it, finds it very comfortable, and cheaper in the long run. So she was telling me she was going to buy one, and I thought ‘feck it, why not? I’ll try one with her’. 

(*with regards to pain, tampons can cause additional cramping during menstruation) 

shutterstock_709086022 Shutterstock / Lightspring Shutterstock / Lightspring / Lightspring

What’s been your experience of using the Mooncup?

Really positive. I really like the fact that there’s no waste. With using pads you have to change them more often;  now you just have to change it once or twice a day, whenever you’re in the shower. It’s just so handy and comfortable. I barely even feel that it’s there. 

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What fears did you have prior to using the Mooncup?

Leakage, would be one. I didn’t know if I could trust it not to leak! But actually, it’s been perfect. For the first couple of days, I just used a panti-liner just to make sure, but everything was fine. Also worried about whether I could put it in properly and take it out. But once you do a practice run, it’s actually fine.

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What would you say to women who are afraid to use it?

Just try it. You only get your period once a month so you only have to use it for those few days, so if you don’t like it, you can just go back to your tampons or pads. 
But I think, it’s…it’s changed my life, to be honest. It’s just *so* handy. You just have to have this one little thing with you all the time. No waste, and I live with my boyfriend so putting waste in the trash…it’s a bit…you feel a bit gross, but with the Mooncup I feel cleaner. 

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Caoimhe, 27, has had two cycles using the Mooncup

What did you use before the Mooncup? 

I used Tampax tampons.

What inspired you to use the MC? 

I am trying to reduce my own personal impact on the planet in gradual, manageable ways. I started with my stainless steel water bottle, reusable coffee cup and the natural next step for me was the Menstrual Cup.
I did some research, when I found out that most sanitary products are made up of over 90% plastic and that as women we throw away on average 11,000 of these in our lifetime…this blew my mind. I knew by making the swap I was making a difference.  

NY: Kimberly-Clark to cut 5000 jobs SIPA USA / PA Images SIPA USA / PA Images / PA Images

What’s been your experience of using the MC? 

Seamless. I spoke to a few women about this before I tried it for the first time, which reassured me. I think the trick is to just stay relaxed. I was definitely over-sharing the first time I used it because I was so chuffed with myself! 

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What fears did you have prior to using the MC?

I think when I first opened the pack and saw how big it was, I was a little scared that it was going to hurt putting it in. I got some great advice from a friend to buy a natural oil based lubricant from a health shop which helped, a lot. The instructions were so clear and helpful.

What would you say to women who are afraid to try the Mooncup? 

Take your time, practice makes perfect. There are loads of women using them right now, as we speak. For me, that’s reassurance enough. I would urge any woman thinking about it to give it a go, it is more empowering than you know. Spread the word! 

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Ellen, 26, user of Mooncup for two cycles

What did you use before the Mooncup?

Non-applicator tampons.

What inspired you to change? 

It had been on my mind to change for a bit, but the catalyst was attending a festival this year. I realised two things: firstly, the annoying inconvenience of carrying tampons around and of changing them in the pitch-black portaloos.
Secondly, I realised that we never throw away anything, we just throw it somewhere else. Seeing used tampons on the ground reminded me that my own tampons were going from a bin to a landfill so they were still littering our beautiful country. It takes a hundred years for tampons to disintegrate. It was a thought that filled me with guilt, so I promised myself that I would look into a reusable alternative.

Northern Ireland Recycling Drive PA Archive / PA Images PA Archive / PA Images / PA Images

What’s been your experience of using the Mooncup?

Fantastic, I can’t believe how easy it is to use. I hope it results in less UTIs for me because I read that tampons soak up the moisture from your vagina, which is needed to protect you from infections. The vagina is self-cleaning so the tampons are soaking up not just blood but the natural moisture there. I’ll have to wait and see, but so far it’s so easy to use, and doesn’t hurt to pull out like a tampon can.

What fears did you have prior to using the Mooncup?

My flow is really heavy on the first day so I was concerned that I would leak, but it was grande. On the first day of my period I find I have to change it 5 times instead of 2 or 3, but it’s still less than I had to do with tampons.  

shutterstock_1146862349 Shutterstock / Victoria 1 Shutterstock / Victoria 1 / Victoria 1

What would you say to women who are afraid to use it?

If you’re worried about it being dirty, it’s really not. The blood washes off [the mooncup] so easily, and you boil it after every cycle is finished and store it away in a lovely pouch provided. It’s like one of those activities that every girl does, but no one talks about, like plucking stray chin hairs or waxing their moustache. 

shutterstock_525579169 Shutterstock / Serghei Starus Shutterstock / Serghei Starus / Serghei Starus

Well, are you sold on the Mooncup?

Poll Results:

Mmm, I'll try it (690)
Nope (537)
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