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10 drinks that summed up Irish nightclubs in the 00s

“What colour WKDs do you have?”

1. Blue WKD

#Eastbourne #GirlsReunited #BlueWKD #LovingTheWeekend #HolidayGirls #Blue #RoadTrip #FriendShip #AlwaysCrazy Source: staceydiannexx

Irish nightclub royalty.

2. Vodka Burn

Burn-Top-10-Most-Popular-Energy-Drinks-in-the-World Source: Top101news

What was burn? And why didn’t anyone ever see it outside an Irish nightclub? Nobody knew.

Feel the burn.

3. Fat Frogs

4. Various colours of VK

L-VK-RANGE_NOHR-rgb300dpi1 Source: Retailtimes

Usually on special.

5. Green Mickey Finns

SONY DSC Source: worldwidewines

And when they said “sour green apple” they meant exactly that.

And even though it was fairly low down the alcohol percentage scales, places STILL served it in shot form.

6. Constant, never ending lines of jagerbombs

jagerbombs at 2pm Source: Dani P.L.

7. Bacardi Breezer

Bacardi Breezer Orange-500x500 Source: Onlineshoppingstorekenya


Mixing it with a lemon alcopop to make your own boozy Rock Shandy was always welcomed.

8. Other random WKD flavours when they were out of blue

#wkd#new#newwkd#bluewkd#blushwkd#blush#passionfruit#premier#wkds Source: birstykrand_

Desperate times.

9. Anything could be mixed with Shark

shark Source: Wordpress

10. Goldschlager

gallery-with-dates-and-descriptions 2003-04-27_goldschlager_shawn-zach_study IMG_0814 Source: phil schatz

“You know the little gold flakes cut into ya a bit and make you get drunk faster”

^every night out, 2am.

Simpler times.

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