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19 of the most Irish things that ever happened on Tumblr

The wild west of the internet.

HEY, GIVE TUMBLR some love.

The Irish are showing everyone up on the blogging platform.

1. When this logic came into play

CdNrUpyUUAASb1t Source: badmonkey68

2. When our true spirit was revealed

at1 Source: http://irishthings.tumblr.com/

3. The world finally knew the truth

at2 Source: http://sophisticated-hobo.tumblr.com/

4. We when had fun with those who just don’t understand

at3 Source: echtrai

5. Yep, looks about right

ayeah Source: sarahisaprocrastinator

6. When they had the sraith Pictir down to a tee

agoon Source: irishthings

7. And when this happened

as1 Source: caitlinindublin

8. When the perfect response was given

asf Source: irishthings

9. We understand things can get a bit complicated

as4 Source: bjnovakdjokovic

10. So Tumblr is the perfect place the sum up the language

as222 Source: gealach-ghorm

11. Potatoes are not just a stereotype

alols Source: scruffygoldfish

12. Irish election rides became a thing

Only in Ireland…


13. The straith pictuir didn’t stand a chance


14. When we agreed that the license fee was a good use of money

screenshot-irishthings.tumblr.com 2016-04-23 14-21-30 Source: irishthings

15. And when this went to the front page

tumblr_o4tv72h8zu1rs0epko1_1280 Source: Tumblr


tumblr_o5fgooWNXI1rs0epko1_500 Source: Tumblr

16. This throwback

screenshot-irishthings.tumblr.com 2016-04-23 14-26-53

17. When the struggles of the Irish oral was summed up so well

screenshot-poison-p.tumblr.com 2016-04-23 14-35-25 Source: poison-p

18. When this meme hit home

screenshot-irishthings.tumblr.com 2016-04-23 14-57-10 Source: irishthings

19. And finally… when this hidden hero was revealed

screenshot-noahslark.com 2016-04-23 15-05-43 Source: noahslark

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