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10 problems only people with Irish skin must face

Pale and interesting. NO.

IRISH SKIN IS really just code for pale skin. We all must suffer.

1. You’re literally white

It’s a special tinge of milk that just won’t go away.

tinypic photo

Finding a porcelain or ivory shade of make-up is an endless treasure hunt.

IMG_4298_zps5bffb0b1 Source: Beauty Reductionista

2. And everyone looks better with a tan

A NATURAL one, may we add. A bold statement, but unless you have the perfect rosy red colouring, a healthy bronze tan immediately ups your glow.

Tweet by @Jeannine Healy Source: Jeannine Healy/Twitter

3. Fake tan is an evil necessity

The smell, the streaks, the effort, and all to look a boiled tinge of orange. We can’t cry or go out in the rain (which is, always).

spray-tan-fail Source: Ormeauspraytan

It’s like our lives are one massive game of ‘skin disease or bad tan?’

3891147_orig Source: Ormeauspraytan

4. Those with sallow skin are practically bullied

THIS ONE only has to look at the sun and he gets a bit of colour. Us? We turn into a human lobster.

To rub it in, they’ll constantly ask you to compare arms when they come home from holidays.

tanning Source: PhotoBucket

5. You bruise like a peach

The colours just show up on a white canvas that little bit better. It makes waking up after a particularly rough night like someone is trying to illustrate you.

Tweet by @Sammy McGowan Source: Sammy McGowan/Twitter

6. You can’t wear a bunch of colours

Really bright colours are better suited to tanned skin. Neon yellow, burnt orange…. no.

Tweet by @emmeline. Source: emmeline./Twitter

7. You literally glow on hot days

Like a damn vampire.


And it burns, it burns so much.


8. Your legs literally turn a shade of blue if you get too cold

At least it’s a brief departure from white.


9. You get freckles in the sun, but are milky white during winter

You can’t have it BOTH WAYS world.

CrispyPo Source: Symic

10. Flash is your mortal enemy

Bye bye face.

y9xkV3M Source: Imgur

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