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Irish people 'spend more than two weeks a year shopping'


IF YOU’RE LIVING in Ireland, you probably spend around 16 full days a year shopping.

That’s more than a fortnight every year, or slightly less than the standard annual holiday allowance. (Yes, apparently you shop for almost as much as you have days off work.)

The figure is according to an online survey of 1,000 Irish people by Promocodes.ie. It found that every week, we spend an average of:

Two hours and 15 minutes shopping for food

Source: manoftaste.de

Two hours shopping for clothes and shoes

Source: Paul Townsend

Forty minutes shopping for toiletries and health products

Source: david55king

Thirty minutes shopping for books, films and music

Source: brewbooks

Twenty minutes buying cards and presents

Source: amarette.

Two and a half hours generally wandering around or browsing.

Source: tuppus

That’s a total of eight hours and 15 minutes a week. And frankly, everyone, that is a HELLUVA lot of shopping.

Do you shop this much?

Poll Results:

Not a chance. (261)
Definitely, if not more. (115)
Um, maybe, yeah. When you count all my lunch breaks and so on. (84)

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