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14 times Irish people proved they are the best in the world at taking the piss

Actually world class.

SOMETIMES, AS A nation, we just can’t stop ourselves taking the piss out of every situation.

And there have been some notable examples in the past:

1. Like when this Irish guy in London convinced Selfridges that this is a real Irish name

2. And when a different Irish person proved that we, as a country, were definitely going to take the piss out of Nutella’s innocent PR idea

3. When this Kerryman tried to sell this shed for €150

dealon Source: donedeal

The King of Pisstakers.

dealon2 Source: DoneDeal

4. When this defendant pushed the boundaries in the best way possible

head Source: @fitzmaidan

5. And this chancer was apppointed to the position of Chief Pisstaker of Ireland last year

gardachancer Source: Imgur

6. There was that time guerrilla marketing hit new levels of pisstake on the TV3 news

northsidceblinds Source: Youtube

7. Let’s not forget the time an innocent sign was vandalised in the most sweary way possible

colm Source: @ColmQCusack

8. When this person decided to test the quality of An Post in the only way we know how – with a piss-take

9. When the roads of Clare couldn’t get fixed without a bit of serious craic

fillmein2 Source: Imgur

10. That time somebody deemed this to be a dramatic situation

H47QpZP Source: Imgur

Taking. The. Piss.


11. When some chancer tried to sell this real product

summerforsale Source: DoneDeal

12. There was the time this guy couldn’t go without Boojum so he had one of their burritos posted to him

download Source: Con Hick

13. The guy who got Nutella with the arsemuck prank also sent letters in to Metro with some brilliant fake Rush Hour Crushes

metro6 Source: shocko.info

We can’t be trusted with simple newspaper romance columns – and it’s excellent.

14. And finally… a set of dentures and a phone is all it takes to get a mam all worried

kel1 Source: kelly/Twitter

kel3 Source: kelly/Twitter

We are a nation of chancers, piss takers and comedians.

And we have to respect it <3

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