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10 times Irish people did us proud abroad



BEING IRISH ABROAD brings with it some perks – like people listening with awe at your unique accent for hours on end.

But these heroes have been doing their bit to promote us globally as being pure sound:

1. Like the two Irish guys that went to a pool party in Vegas

ladsparty Source: Imgur

We are a proud people, and will turn up to any party in whatever attire is appropriate.

2. This guy in the US that spotted boxes of Barry’s tea for $1 each and bought the shop’s whole supply

barry's2 Source: Imgur

When you see a deal like that, you don’t turn it down.

3. When Mr Tayto appeared on Australian TV

At first he nearly fell over:

tayto Source: YouTube

And then Irish danced with the host:

danceee Source: YouTube

Our cultural ambassador.

4. When the #HomeToVote crowd took over the internet for one very special day

Tweet by @Naomi O'Leary Source: Naomi O'Leary/Twitter


5. The Cork man who brought his taxi driver to a theme park in Abu Dhabi because he had never been before

liam1 Source: Facebook

And sure didn’t the internet love him for it as well. A hero we all need.

6. The three Irish lads that riverdanced all over the world


Just for the craic. Spreading the joy.

Source: Wirld Organisation/YouTube

7. The Irish guy that filmed one second per day for a year in Toronto… and proposed at the end

Source: Play Hurling/YouTube

Spreading the love (and the game of hurling).

8. When Crystal Swing went on the Ellen show back in 2010 and gave her some whiskey

ellenstill1 Source: Crystalswing

9. The two guys that made it into the Superbowl and sat in $50,000 seats

JrDT8MJ Source: Imgur

Chancers of the best kind.

10. When these two lads were interviewed on US TV in their GAA jerseys and the crowd absolutely loved them

gaalads Source: Deadspin

They were baseball experts, of course:

Very first game. I’ve been an expert on baseball since five o’clock this evening. I haven’t a clue what’s going on but I’ll tell you what’s happening.

You’re all heroes.

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